Forms, genres, media, and styles

The creative arts are often broken into more specific categories, each related to their technique, or medium, such as decorative arts, clear plastic arts, performing arts, or literature. Unlike scientific areas, art is one of the few subjects that are academically organized regarding to technique. An creative medium is the compound or material the imaginative work is made from, and may also label the technique used. Intended for example, paint is a medium found in painting, and paper is a medium used in drawing.

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A great art form is the specific shape, or quality an artistic expression requires. The media used often influence the shape. For example, the form of a sculpture must exist in space in three sizes, and respond to the law of gravity. The constraints and constraints of a particular medium are thus called the formal qualities. To provide another example, the formal features of painting would be the special canvas texture, color, and clean texture. The formal attributes of video games are non-linearity, interactivity and digital presence. The form of a particular work of art is determined by the formal qualities of the media, and is not related to the intentions of the musician or the reactions of the audience in any way whatsoever mainly because these properties are related to content rather than form.

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